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Isotopic dating of an Archean bolide impact horizon, Hamersley basin, Western Australia

JD Woodhead, JM Hergt, BM Simonson

Geology | Published : 1998


Detailed geologic field work in the Hamersley basin of Western Australia has identified a single horizon that contains predominantly sand-sized spherules similar to those found in impact ejecta such as at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary. Evidence suggests that these spherules represent a reworked distal strewn field formed by a large bolide impact in late Archean time. This so-called "spherule marker bed" occurs throughout the main body of the Hamersley basin and in stratigraphically equivalent, but shallower-water lithologies in the northeastern corner. Carbonate constitutes both a matrix component of the spherule marker bed and minor interbeds in the local stratigraphic section. We have u..

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