Journal article

Phylogeny, classification and biogeography of Halfordia (Rutaceae) in Australia and New Caledonia

Michael J Bayly, Gareth D Holmes, Paul I Forster, Jerome Munzinger, David J Cantrill, Pauline Y Ladiges

Plant Systematics and Evolution | SPRINGER WIEN | Published : 2016


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Australian Biological Resources Study

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded by the Australian Research Council (LP0776737) and the Australian Biological Resources Study (PD208-02). Collecting permits were provided by the New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service, the former Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, and conservation authorities of the North and South Provinces of New Caledonia (DDEE, Direction du Developpement Economique et de l'Environnement; DENV, Direction de l'Environnement). We thank Garry Sankowsky, Andrew Ford, Kris Kupsch, David Fell, Greg Smyrell, Bruce Wannan, Mike Mathieson, Gareth Nelson, Gillian Brown, and Carlos Parra-O. for assistance with fieldwork or provision of samples.