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Blast Resistance of Hybrid Elastomeric Composite Panels

Phuong Tran, Abdallah Ghazlan, Tuan D Ngo

Applied Mechanics and Materials | Trans Tech Publications, Ltd. | Published : 2016


In this study, a finite element model was developed to understand the deformation and failure mechanisms of a multi-layered composite panel under blast. Fibre (E-glass fiber) and matrix (vinylester resin) damage and degradation of individual unidirectional composite laminas were modelled using the Hashin failure model. The delamination between laminas was modelled by a traction-separation cohesive law. A Polyurea layer was placed at the rear of the panel to study its effects on the damage evolution in the composite laminas, and was modelled using a Mooney-Rivlin constitutive law. The model-predicted deformation histories, fiber/matrix damage patterns, and inter-lamina delamination were compa..

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