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Toward a more comprehensive way to capture PCK in its complexity

I Henze, JH Van Driel

Re-examining Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Science Education | Published : 2015


Since 1998, we have been working on a series of studies concerning the development of pre-service science teachers’ PCK in the context of initial teacher education, and on the development of in-service science teachers’ PCK in the context of educational innovation. Most of these studies were conducted in the context of a broader research program at Leiden University, which focused on teacher knowledge. Teacher knowledge is conceptualized as including a large variety of cognitions, from conscious and well-balanced opinions to unconscious and un-reflected intuitions (Verloop, Van Driel, & Meijer, 2001). This knowledge is seen as person- and context-bound, action-oriented, and, to a large exten..

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