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Historical greenhouse gas concentrations

Malte Meinshausen, Elisabeth Vogel, Alexander Nauels, Katja Lorbacher, Nicolai Meinshausen, David Etheridge, Paul Fraser, Stephen A Montzka, Peter Rayner, Cathy Trudinger, Paul Krummel, Urs Beyerle, Josep G Cannadell, John S Daniel, Ian Enting, Rachel M Law, Simon O'Doherty, Ron G Prinn, Stefan Reimann, Mauro Rubino Show all

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are at unprecedented, record-high levels compared to pre-industrial reconstructions over the last 800,000 years. Those elevated greenhouse gas concentrations warm the planet and together with net cooling effects by aerosols, they are the reason of observed climate change over the past 150 years. An accurate representation of those concentrations is hence important to understand and model recent and future climate change. So far, community efforts to create composite datasets with seasonal and latitudinal information have focused on marine boundary layer conditions and recent trends since 1980s. Here, we provide consolidated data sets of his..

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