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Prolactin response to low-dose haloperidol challenge in schizophrenic, non-schizophrenic psychotic, and control subjects.

DL Copolov, NA Keks, J Kulkarni, BS Singh, D McKenzie, P McGorry, C Hill

Psychoneuroendocrinology | Published : 1990


Haloperidol was administered IV to 46 male psychotic inpatients and 28 male control subjects. A two-way analysis of covariance, with age as the covariate, revealed that DSM-III schizophrenics (n = 27) had a lower prolactin response to haloperidol than did the controls (n = 28). There were no significant differences between the prolactin responses in schizophrenics, patients with affective disorders (n = 7), and those with other psychoses (n = 12), which included patients with paranoia, schizophreniform, schizoaffective disorder, and atypical psychoses. These findings support the proposition that tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic dysfunction may occur in certain patients with DSM-III schizophre..

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