The Case for Inclusive Learning Systems Building More Inclusive Learning Systems in Australia

A Wierenga, J Taylor

Dusseldorp Forum | Published : 2015


This research is about engaging more young people in learning through systems designed to work for them. Other research shows that in Australia, approximately one in five young people of high school age is out of school, that another one in five do not want to be there, and meanwhile there are over 900 flexible learning programs educating over 70,000 students each year. These programs can be within, alongside and outside schools. The point of this research is not so much about proliferating programs but about recognising flexible learning options as important and legitimate parts of Australia's education systems. The authors argue that it is time for a national conversation about educati..

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Funding Acknowledgements

A project initiated by the Dusseldorp Forum, written by Wierenga and Taylor in 2015, as staff of Dusseldorp Forum.