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Assessing the Genetic Predisposition of Education on Myopia: A Mendelian Randomization Study

Gabriel Cuellar-Partida, Yi Lu, Pik Fang Kho, Alex W Hewitt, H-Erich Wichmann, Seyhan Yazar, Dwight Stambolian, Joan E Bailey-Wilson, Robert Wojciechowski, Jie Jin Wang, Paul Mitchell, David A Mackey, Stuart MacGregor



Myopia is the largest cause of uncorrected visual impairments globally and its recent dramatic increase in the population has made it a major public health problem. In observational studies, educational attainment has been consistently reported to be correlated to myopia. Nonetheless, correlation does not imply causation. Observational studies do not tell us if education causes myopia or if instead there are confounding factors underlying the association. In this work, we use a two-step least squares instrumental-variable (IV) approach to estimate the causal effect of education on refractive error, specifically myopia. We used the results from the educational attainment GWAS from the Social ..

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