Journal article

Quantitation and morphotyping of Candida albicans from healthy mouths and from mouths affected by erythematous candidosis.

GL Borromeo, MJ McCullough, PC Reade

Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology | Published : 1992


Imprint culture and a mouthwash method were used to determine if quantitative differences exist between isolates of Candida albicans from individuals with healthy oral mucosa and from patients with erythematous candidosis (EC). The C. albicans isolated were differentiated by morphotyping. No quantitative difference in yeast isolations was observed with either technique irrespective of tobacco smoking status, the presence of a prosthesis, or EC. Multiple morphotypes were isolated from smokers with upper dentures and from smokers and non-smokers with EC, whilst a single morphotype was isolated from non-smokers with a healthy oral mucosa.