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Trace element fractionation processes in the generation of island arc basalts

CJ Hawkesworth, K Gallagher, JM Hergt, F McDermott

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences | Published : 1992


Subduction-related magmas are characterized by distinctive minor and trace element ratios which are widely attributed to the introduction of a hydrous component from the subducted crust. Island arc rocks may usefully be subdivided into high and low Ce/Yb groups, and the latter are characterized by relatively restricted radiogenic isotope ratios. In general, high LIL/ HFSE ratios are best developed in low HFSE rocks, and the variation in LILE is less than that in HFSE. A local equilibrium model is developed in which the distinctive minor and trace element feature of arc rocks are the result of fluid percolation in the mantle wedge. Peridotite/fluid distribution coefficients are inferred to va..

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