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CFD Simulation of Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Hydrodynamics and Axial Dispersion Analysis for a Non-Pulsed Disc and Doughnut Solvent Extraction Column

Heng Yi, Yong Wang, Kathryn H Smith, WY Fei, Geoffrey W Stevens

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange | TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC | Published : 2016


A two-phase computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation for a non-pulsed disc and doughnut solvent extraction column has been developed with commercial CFD software FLUENT. Simulated hydrodynamic results including phase distribution, velocity fields, and holdup are given, which enables predicted holdup to be compared with experimental data. Average absolute relative deviation (AARD) of experimental data and CFD prediction in this study is found to be 10.8%, which is comparable to the estimated error in the experimental data and the predictions from traditional correlations in the literature. To estimate the extent of axial dispersion, a species transport model is used for the continuous ph..

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