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Acid-base equilibria in aqueous micellar solutions. Part 3. - Azine derivatives

CJ Drummond, F Grieser, TW Healy

Journal of the Chemical Society Faraday Transactions 1 Physical Chemistry in Condensed Phases | Published : 1989


The acid-base behaviour of two azine derivatives, viz. neutral red and acridine, in aqueous non-ionic Brij-35 and n-octyl β-D-glucoside micellar solutions, in aqueous anionic sodium dodecyl sulphate micellar solutions and in 1,4-dioxane-water mixtures have been investigated. The factors primarily responsible for the difference between the pK value of an azine derivative in pure water and its apparent pK value when it is located quantitatively within the micelle-aqueous solution interface have been determined. For the non-ionic micellar systems, the difference can be explained solely in terms of the different intrinsic solvent properties of the two solvating media. For the anionic micellar s..

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