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Phenolics and antioxidant properties of bayberry (Myrica rubra Sieb. et Zucc.) pomace

Shao-huan Zhou, Zhong-xiang Fang, Yuan Lue, Jian-Chu Chen, Dong-hong Liu, Xing-qian Ye

Food Chemistry | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2009


Five cultivars of Myrica rubra, Biqi, Wandao, Dongkui, Dingao, and Zaodamei, were collected to analyze the phenolic compounds and evaluate the antioxidant properties of bayberry pomaces. The main anthocyanin was cyanidin-3-o-glucoside (3073.3-6219.2mg/kg dry weight (DW)) and the main flavonol was quercetin-3-o-glucoside (296.2-907.9mg/kg dry weight). Quercetin and myricetin were also found in the bayberry pomaces, and quercetin deoxyhexoside and myricetin deoxyhexoside were tentatively identified. The dominant phenolic acids were gallic acid (102.9-241.7mg/kg dry weight) and protocatechuic acid (29.5-57.2mg/kg dry weight). Other phenolic acids such as p-hydroxybenzoic, vanillic, caffeic, p-c..

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