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Localization and Characterization of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Receptors in Rat Brain and Pituitary Gland Using in vitro Autoradiography and Computerized Densitometry* A Distinct Distribution from Insulin Receptors.

GA Werther, A Hogg, BJ Oldfield, MJ McKinley, R Figdor, FA Mendelsohn

J Neuroendocrinol | Published : 1989


Abstract In order to identify likely sites of action of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in rat brain and pituitary gland, we have used the technique of in vitro autoradiography and computerized densitometry to map, characterize and quantify its receptors in coronal and sagittal sections. A discrete and characteristic distribution of IGF-I receptor binding was demonstrated, with specific binding representing 85% of total binding. Displacement and specificity competition curves in the olfactory bulb were typical for authentic IGF-I receptors and computer analysis indicated a single class of binding site with a dissociation constant (K(d)) of 13 nM for the choroid plexus and 5.1 nM for the..

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