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Monoclonal antibodies to central nervous system antigens.

MC Franko, CL Masters, CJ Gibbs, DC Gajdusek

Journal of Neuroimmunology | Published : 1981


Thirty monoclonal antibodies produced by mouse hybrid myelomas which react with antigens in hamster or mouse nervous system tissues were derived. Using these antibodies as probes with indirect immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase techniques, we can selectively identify by morphological criteria many of the structural components of the brain seen at a light-microscopic level, including the neutrophil, neuronal cytoplasm, nuclei, axons, astrocytes and ependyma. Some of the antibodies display cytoskeletal and filamentous structures, including intermediate filaments, microfilaments, neurofilaments, glial and ependymal filaments. The specificity to neural tissue components of these hybridoma a..

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