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Gut microbial diversity is reduced and is associated with colonic inflammation in a piglet model of short bowel syndrome.

Susan Lapthorne, Prue M Pereira-Fantini, Fiona Fouhy, Guineva Wilson, Sarah L Thomas, Nicole L Dellios, Michelle Scurr, Orla O'Sullivan, R Paul Ross, Catherine Stanton, Gerald F Fitzgerald, Paul D Cotter, Julie E Bines

Gut Microbes | Published : 2013


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Following small bowel resection (SBR), the luminal environment is altered, which contributes to clinical manifestations of short bowel syndrome (SBS) including malabsorption, mucosal inflammation and bacterial overgrowth. However, the impact of SBR on the colon has not been well-defined. The aims of this study were to characterize the colonic microbiota following SBR and to assess the impact of SBR on mucosal inflammation in the colon. RESULTS: Analysis of the colonic microbiota demonstrated that there was a significant level of dysbiosis both two and six weeks post-SBR, particularly in the phylum Firmicutes, coupled with a decrease in overall bacterial diversity i..

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