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Remote ischaemic preconditioning protects against cardiopulmonary bypass-induced tissue injury: a preclinical study.

RK Kharbanda, J Li, IE Konstantinov, MMH Cheung, PA White, H Frndova, J Stokoe, P Cox, M Vogel, G Van Arsdell, R MacAllister, AN Redington

Heart | Published : 2006


OBJECTIVES: To test the hypothesis that remote ischaemic preconditioning (rIPC) reduces injury after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). DESIGN: Randomised study with an experimental model of CPB (3 h CPB with 2 h of cardioplegic arrest). Twelve 15 kg pigs were randomly assigned to control or rIPC before CPB and followed up for 6 h. INTERVENTION: rIPC was induced by four 5 min cycles of lower limb ischaemia before CPB. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Troponin I, glial protein S-100B, lactate concentrations, load-independent indices (conductance catheter) of systolic and diastolic function, and pulmonary resistance and compliance were measured before and for 6 h after CPB. RESULTS: Troponin I increased afte..

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