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Effects of intermittent lower limb ischaemia on coronary blood flow and coronary resistance in pigs.

M Shimizu, IE Konstantinov, RK Kharbanda, MH Cheung, AN Redington

Acta Physiologica | Published : 2007


AIM: Intermittent limb ischaemia prior to cardiac ischaemia is a cardioprotective stimulus. This study was to investigate whether this peripheral stimulus had any effects on basal coronary blood flow and resistance, and to explore its potential mechanisms by studying the effect of femoral nerve transection and Katp blockade by glibenclamide. METHODS: Remote ischaemic preconditioning (rIPC) was induced by four 5-min cycles of lower limb ischaemia. Coronary resistance was measured using standard formulae and coronary blood flow in the left anterior descending artery (LAD) by a flow probe. In experiment 1, coronary ischaemia was induced by inflation of a cuff placed around the mid-LAD, and infl..

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