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A randomized placebo-controlled study of the effect of low dose aspirin on platelet reactivity and serum thromboxane B2 production in non-pregnant women, in normal pregnancy, and in gestational hypertension.

KA Louden, F Broughton Pipkin, EM Symonds, P Tuohy, C O'Callaghan, S Heptinstall, S Fox, JR Mitchell

BJOG An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology | Published : 1992


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of 60 mg aspirin daily on platelet reactivity and prostaglandin production in various groups of patients. Similar regimens, which are thought to act through inhibition of platelet thromboxane production, are currently undergoing clinical assessment for the prevention of pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation. DESIGN: A prospective randomized placebo controlled study. SETTING: University Hospital, Nottingham. SUBJECTS: 12 non-pregnant female volunteers, 18 normal primigravidae before 16 weeks gestation and 16 pregnant women admitted with gestational hypertension (GH) at a mean gestation of 38 weeks. INTERVENTIONS: In the non-pregnant women blood..

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