Journal article

Short term effects of pravastatin on blood pressure in hypercholesterolaemic hypertensive patients.

CJ O'Callaghan, H Krum, EL Conway, W Lam, MA Skiba, LG Howes, WJ Louis

Blood Press | Published : 1994


In this study, which was primarily designed to determine the lipid-lowering efficacy of pravastatin in the setting of background antihypertensive therapy with ACE inhibitors and calcium antagonists, we took the opportunity to examine whether pravastatin interacts with antihypertensive therapy to produce additional falls in blood pressure. This may help clarify the mechanism of action of pravastatin's rapid beneficial effects on cardiovascular morbidity. We treated 25 hypertensive hypercholesterolaemic patients with 12 weeks of either pravastatin or placebo in this double blind, placebo controlled parallel group study. Placebo treatment did not alter plasma lipids, whereas 12 weeks' treatment..

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