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Morphological differences between Chironomus interinctus Skuse and C.paratinctus, sp.nov., with descriptions and a key to the subgenus Kiefferulus (Diptera: Nematocera)


Australian Journal of Zoology | CSIRO Publishing | Published : 1964


Previous cytological studies of material identified as C. intertinctus (Skuse) had shown that two species were present. Subsequently it has been found that the larvae of the two species may be recognized by the shape of the anal gills and the adults by the anterior leg ratios of femur to tibia and basitarsus to tibia. The females may also be recognized by the colouring of the thoracic stripes. C. intertinctus is redescribed and the second species is described as C. paratinctus, sp. nov. The key to the Australian species of the subgenus Kiefferulus is also corrected and the new species included. © 1963, Australian Journal of Zoology.

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