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Syndromic surveillance on the victorian chief complaint data set using a hybrid statistical and machine learning technique

H Aamer, B Ofoghi, K Verspoor

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2016


Emergency Department Chief Complaints have been used to detect the size and the spread of disease outbreaks in the past. Chief complaints are readily available in digital formats and provide a good data source for syndromic surveillance. This paper reports our findings on the identification of the distribution of a few syndromes over time using the Victorian Syndromic Surveillance (SynSurv) data set. We utilized a machine learning-based Näive Bayes classifier to predict the syndromic group of unseen chief complaints. Then, we analyzed the patterns of the distributions of three syndromes in the Syn-Surv data, specifically the Flu-like Illness, Acute Respiratory, and Diarrhoea syndromes, over ..

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