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The psychometric and cardiac effects of dimenhydrinate in the hyperbaric environment.

DM Taylor, KS O'Toole, TE Auble, CM Ryan, DR Sherman

Pharmacotherapy The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy | Published : 2000


STUDY OBJECTIVES: To examine the psychometric and cardiac effects of dimenhydrinate at 1 and 3 atmospheres (atm) of pressure (0 and 66 feet of sea water, respectively), and to make recommendations about the drug's safety in the diving environment. DESIGN: Double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study SETTING: Monoplace hyperbaric chamber of a university hospital. SUBJECTS: Thirty active divers (mean age 38 yrs). INTERVENTIONS: A bank of seven tests was used to assess cognitive function during four different dive combinations: placebo-1 atm, placebo-3 atm, dimenhydrinate-1 atm, and dimenhydrinate-3 atm. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Heart rate and cardiac rhythm were recorded during all ..

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