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A simple method for quantitation of insulin sensitivity and insulin release from an intravenous glucose tolerance test.

P Galvin, G Ward, J Walters, R Pestell, M Koschmann, A Vaag, I Martin, JD Best, F Alford

Diabet Med | Published : 1992


Both insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity are important in the development of diabetes but current methods used for their measurements are complex and cannot be used for epidemiological surveys. This study describes a simplified approach for the estimation of first phase insulin release and insulin sensitivity from a standard 40-min intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT), and compares these parameter estimations with the sophisticated minimal model analysis of a frequently sampled 3-h IVGTT and the euglycaemic clamp technique. For the simplified IVGTT, first phase insulin release was measured as the insulin area above basal post glucose load unit-1 incremental change (i.e. peak rise..

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