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Soil chemistry and acidification risk of acid sulfate soils on a temperate estuarine floodplain in southern Australia

CC Yau, VNL Wong, DM Kennedy



The distribution and geochemical characterisation of coastal acid sulfate soils (CASS) in Victoria in southern Australia is relatively poorly understood. This study investigated and characterised CASS and sulfidic material at four sites (wetland (WE), swamp scrub (SS), woodland (WO) and coastal tussock saltmarsh (CTS)) on the estuarine floodplain of the Anglesea River in southern Australia. Shell material and seawater buffered acidity generated and provided acid-neutralising capacity (up to 10.65% CaCO3-equivalent) at the sites located on the lower estuarine floodplain (WO and CTS). The SS site, located on the upper estuarine floodplain, can potentially acidify soil and water due to high pos..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge Ursula Pietrzak-Aniszewska for assistance in the laboratory and the Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Southern Cross University for sample analysis. This research was funded by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.