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Carbonate sedimentation on subtropical shelves around Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid, Southwest Pacific

DM Kennedy, CD Woodroffe, BG Jones, ME Dickson, CVG Phipps



Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid are mid-oceanic basaltic islands, 20 km apart, in the Tasman Sea. Subaerial carbonates dating back at least 350 ka and a Holocene fringing reef occur on Lord Howe Island. No reefs or subaerial carbonate deposits occur on Balls Pyramid. Both islands sit near the centre of wide shelves that are on average 40-50 m deep with a distinct break of slope, between 70 and 100 m depth. The Lord Howe shelf is characterised by a discontinuous drowned ridge, which rises to 30 m depth and is located between the mid-shelf and shelf edge. It is composed of limestone and is interpreted as a fossil reef being veneered by Holocene coralline algae. Early to Middle Holocene bran..

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