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[Main variations of the extrahepatic biliary system and their application to the so-called "split-liver" transplantation technique].

E Chaib, P Bertevello, FC Pinto, CE Ferreira, CI Nagahama, RB Cahali, I Beer, MV Perini, AC Xavier, LJ Costa

Clinics | Published : 1995


Sixty fresh adult livers were obtained from cadavers together with celiac trunk, head of the pancreas and superior mesenteric artery. We have found a single right hepatic duct in 13(21.6%) of the cases and a multiple right hepatic duct in 47(78.3%). A single left hepatic duct was found in 3(5%) of the cases and a multiple left hepatic duct in 57(95%). A median hepatic duct was found in 18(30%) of the cases, out of this 2(3.3%) was multiple median hepatic duct.

University of Melbourne Researchers