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The effects of sodium loading and deprivation on plasma renin and plasma and urinary aldosterone in hypertension.

JP Coghlan, AE Doyle, G Jerums, BA Scoggins

Clin Sci | Published : 1972


1. Measurements of urinary aldosterone excretion and of peripheral venous plasma concentrations of aldosterone, Cortisol and corticosterone have been made in hypertensive and normotensive patients after a sodium load and after dietary sodium restriction and ambulation. 2. Plasma concentrations of aldosterone, Cortisol and corticosterone did not differ significantly between the two groups of patients, but the rise in urinary aldosterone excretion was significantly greater in normotensive than in hypertensive patients after sodium restriction. 3. Division of the hypertensive patients into two groups according to the response in plasma renin on sodium restriction d..

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