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Resonant frequencies of cantilevered sheets under various clamping configurations immersed in fluid

Naijian Shen, Debadi Chakraborty, John E Sader

Journal of Applied Physics | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2016


Immersion of an elastic cantilevered sheet in a fluid can strongly affect its dynamic response. While significant effort has been expended in studying slender cantilevered sheets, the behavior of wide sheets has received far less attention. Here we study the clamping configuration's effect on the vibrational dynamics of wide cantilever sheets of macroscopic size, which naturally generate inviscid flows. Three practically relevant clamping configurations are investigated: clamping into (i) a thin and rigid horizontal plate, (ii) a rigid vertical wall, and (iii) a rigid line. These are found to produce different resonant frequencies, as expected from the nonlocal flows generated by these canti..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the Australian Research Council Grants Scheme.