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Needle EMG of the human diaphragm: power spectral analysis in normal subjects.

R Chen, SJ Collins, H Remtulla, A Parkes, CF Bolton

Muscle Nerve | Published : 1996


Needle EMG of the diaphragm was performed in 43 diaphragms in 23 healthy volunteers. The mean +/- standard deviation for the median frequency (MF) of the power spectrum was 233.3 +/- 58.1 Hz. The MF increased with age and showed a negative correlation with the forced vital capacity (FVC), but there was no correlation with other anthropometric measures or the results of phrenic nerve conduction study. The higher MF in older subjects may be due to early recruitment of larger units. The negative correlation between MF and FVC is likely secondary to a lower level of contraction required for normal breathing in subjects with high FVC. The integrated EMG (iEMG) of each inspiration strongly correla..

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