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Enrichment of Golgi Membranes from Triticum aestivum (Wheat) Seedlings

Wei Zeng, Berit Ebert, Harriet T Parsons, Carsten Rautengarten, Antony Bacic, Joshua L Heazlewood

Isolation of Plant Organelles and Structures | Methods in Molecular Biology | Humana Press | Published : 2017


The Golgi apparatus is an essential component in the plant secretory pathway. The enrichment of Golgi membranes from plant tissue is fundamental to the study of this structurally complex organelle. The utilization of density centrifugation for the enrichment of Golgi membranes is still the most widely employed isolation technique. Generally, the procedure requires optimization depending on the plant tissue being employed. Here we provide a detailed enrichment procedure that has previously been used to characterize cell wall biosynthetic complexes from wheat seedlings. We also outline several downstream analyses procedures, including nucleoside diphosphatase assays, immunoblotting, and finall..

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