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Processes of woodland eucalypt regeneration: Lessons from the bush returns trial

PA Vesk, WK Morris, W Mccallum, R Apted, C Miles

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria | Published : 2016


Natural regeneration may contribute significantly to eucalypt woodland management, but has uncertain outcomes. As part of a monitoring program, we sought to investigate the processes of eucalypt regeneration within the Bush Returns trial, a native vegetation management incentive scheme in the Goulburn Broken catchment of Victoria. By year 4 of the 10-year program, eucalypt seedlings were found at about 24% of sampled quadrats. This varied substantially across sites, with only half the participating properties having any seedlings. Individual trees varied widely in their seed production, but seed rain was not related to the spatial context of the trees. Seedling emergence was infrequent and s..

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