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Long-term effects of nonpeptide vasopressin V2 antagonist OPC-31260 in heart failure in the rat.

LM Burrell, PA Phillips, J Risvanis, RK Chan, KL Aldred, CI Johnston

American Journal of Physiology | Published : 1998


The hormone arginine vasopressin (AVP) contributes to water retention and vasoconstriction in congestive heart failure (CHF) through effects at the V2 and V1a receptors, respectively. The effect of long-term V2 receptor (V2R) blockade using OPC-31260 was assessed in a rat model of postinfarction-induced CHF. Rats underwent coronary artery ligation or sham operation and were treated for 6 mo with oral OPC-31260 (10 mg . kg-1 . day-1) or vehicle. CHF was characterized by left ventricular remodeling and impaired systolic function, increased cardiac and lung weight, and elevated plasma atrial natriuretic peptide; plasma AVP and plasma renin activity were not increased. Chronic V2R blockade incre..

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