Journal article

Urban cooling primary energy reduction potential: System losses caused by microclimates

Forrest Meggers, G ASCHWANDEN, Eric Teitelbaum, Hongshan Guo, Laura Salazar

Sustainable Cities and Society | Elsevier | Published : 2016


Temperatures in cities are amplified through the urban heat island effect by anthropogenic heat emissions into microclimates. The trapping of solar energy in urban canyons plays the most significant role. Our analysis, however, considers how urban air conditioning systems influence their local microclimate. Using models and simple observations we demonstrate how the heat rejected from these machines creates a direct feedback on the machine performance. Thermodynamically, the temperature of the environment directly controls the efficiency of the common refrigeration cycle found in air conditioning systems via the second law. A city, with its complex topography of urban canyons and skyscrapers..

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