Journal article

Optical dating of loessic hillslope sediments constrains timing of prehistoric rockfalls, Christchurch, New Zealand

Reza Sohbati, Josh Borella, Andrew Murray, Mark Quigley, Jan-Pieter Buylaert

Journal of Quaternary Science | WILEY | Published : 2016

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Carlsberg Foundation

Awarded by Danish Council for Independent Research - Natural Sciences (FNU)

Funding Acknowledgements

R.S. would like to thank Carlsberg Foundation for financial support (Grant No. 2012_01 _0838) during this project. Joy Mailand-Hansen is thanked for sample preparation. The New Zealand Earthquake Commission is acknowledged for provision of finances under a Capability Grant and a PhD scholarship to J.B. Frontiers Abroad also provided financial support for this research. J.P.B. thanks the Danish Council for Independent Research - Natural Sciences (FNU) for financial support (Steno Grant No. 11-104566). We would also like to thank Dr Peter Almond and an anonymous reviewer for their constructive comments on the manuscript.