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Identification and sequencing of the groE operon and flanking genes of Lawsonia intracellularis: use in phylogeny

CJH Dale, EK Moses, CC Ong, CJ Morrow, MB Reed, D Hasse, RA Strugnell



Proliferative enteropathy (PE) is a complex of diseases of commercial importance to the pig industry. The obligate intracellular bacterium Lawsonia intracellularis is consistently associated with PE and pure cultures of this bacterium have been used to reproduce PE in pigs. In this study L. intracellularis bacteria were purified directly from PE-affected tissue. DNA extracted from purified bacteria was used to construct a partial genomic library which was screened using sera from L. intracellularis-immunized rabbits. Two seroreactive recombinant clones were identified, one of which expressed proteins of 10 and 60 kDa. The sequence of the insert from this clone, pISI-2, revealed ORFs with seq..

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