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Liberal Versus Conventional Glucose Targets in Critically III Diabetic Patients: An Exploratory Safety Cohort Assessment

Francesca Di Muzio, Barbara Presello, Neil J Glassford, Isabela Y Tsuji, Glenn M Eastwood, Adam M Deane, Elif I Ekinci, Rinaldo Bellomo, Johan Martensson



OBJECTIVES: To assess the feasibility, safety, and impact on relative hypoglycemia of liberal versus conventional blood glucose concentration targets in critically ill diabetic patients. DESIGN: Prospective, open-label, sequential-period exploratory study. SETTING: A 22-bed multidisciplinary ICU of a tertiary care hospital in Australia. PATIENTS: Eighty adult diabetic patients, 40 from the conventional before period and 40 from the liberal after period. INTERVENTIONS: Blood glucose concentration targets were 6-10 mmol/L during the before period and 10-14 mmol/L during the after period. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: We used admission glycated hemoglobin to estimate premorbid baseline blood g..

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Funding Acknowledgements

[ "Supported, in part, by grants from the Austin Hospital Intensive Care Trust Fund.", "Dr. Glassford disclosed receiving other support (he was supported by an Avant Doctors-In-Training Research Scholarship. They had no part in the conduct of this study or the preparation of the results for publication). Dr. Bellomo's institution received funding from the Austin Hospital Intensive Care Trust Fund. Dr. Martensson's institution received funding from the Austin Hospital Intensive Care Trust Fund. The remaining authors have disclosed that they do not have any potential conflicts of interest." ]