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Targeting the lymphotoxin-beta receptor with agonist antibodies as a potential cancer therapy.

Matvey Lukashev, Doreen LePage, Cheryl Wilson, Véronique Bailly, Ellen Garber, Alex Lukashin, Apinya Ngam-ek, Weike Zeng, Norman Allaire, Steve Perrin, Xianghong Xu, Kendall Szeliga, Kathleen Wortham, Rebecca Kelly, Cindy Bottiglio, Jane Ding, Linda Griffith, Glenna Heaney, Erika Silverio, William Yang Show all

Cancer Research | Published : 2006


The lymphotoxin-beta receptor (LT beta R) is a tumor necrosis factor receptor family member critical for the development and maintenance of various lymphoid microenvironments. Herein, we show that agonistic anti-LT beta R monoclonal antibody (mAb) CBE11 inhibited tumor growth in xenograft models and potentiated tumor responses to chemotherapeutic agents. In a syngeneic colon carcinoma tumor model, treatment of the tumor-bearing mice with an agonistic antibody against murine LT beta R caused increased lymphocyte infiltration and necrosis of the tumor. A pattern of differential gene expression predictive of cellular and xenograft response to LT beta R activation was identified in a panel of co..

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