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Brain somatostatin: a candidate inhibitory role in seizures and epileptogenesis

A Vezzani, D Hoyer

European Journal of Neuroscience | WILEY | Published : 1999


Recent evidence shows that neuropeptide expression in the CNS is markedly affected by seizure activity, particularly in the limbic system. Changes in neuropeptides in specific neuronal populations depend on the type and intensity of seizures and on their chronic sequelae (i.e. neurodegeneration and spontaneous convulsions). This paper reviews the effects of seizures on somatostatin-containing neurons, somatostatin mRNA and immunoreactivity, the release of this peptide and its receptor subtypes in the CNS. Differences between kindling and status epilepticus in rats are emphasized and discussed in the light of an inhibitory role of somatostatin on hippocampal excitability. Pharmacological stud..

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