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Cutaneous Na Storage Strengthens the Antimicrobial Barrier Function of the Skin and Boosts Macrophage-Driven Host Defense

Jonathan Jantsch, Valentin Schatz, Diana Friedrich, Agnes Schroeder, Christoph Kopp, Isabel Siegert, Andreas Maronna, David Wendelborn, Peter Linz, Katrina J Binger, Matthias Gebhardt, Matthias Heinig, Patrick Neubert, Fabian Fischer, Stefan Teufel, Jean-Pierre David, Clemens Neufert, Alexander Cavallaro, Natalia Rakova, Christoph Kueper Show all

Cell Metabolism | CELL PRESS | Published : 2015


Awarded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Awarded by German Ministry for Economics and Technology

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Awarded by American Heart Association

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council


Funding Acknowledgements

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG; SFB 643 A6 and B16; DA1067/7-2) supported J.J., J.P.D., C.B., and J.T. J.T. was also supported by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology (50WB1218), the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) Erlangen, the NIH (RO1 HL118579-01), and the American Heart Association (AHA 14SFRN20770008). C.B. was also supported by the IZKF Erlangen (A61) and the Emerging Field Initiative of the FAU. K.J.B. received an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council C.J. Martin Fellowship (APP1037633). The DFG and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research supported D.N.M. and F.C.L. We thank the Imaging Science Institute (Erlangen) for measurement time and for technical support. We are grateful for the excellent technical assistance of Kirstin Castiglione, Andrea Debus, Heidi Sebald, Jenny Hahnel, Sabrina Cabric, Anna Birukov, Monika Nowottny, and Daniela Amslinger.