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Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) from developing rat cerebellum directs in vitro synthesis of plasma proteins

KM Dziegielewska, NR Saunders, H Soreq

Developmental Brain Research | Published : 1985


Poly(A)-containing messenger RNA from different ages of postnatal rat cerebellum was translated in the reticulocyte lysate system, using [35S]methionine to label newly synthesized polypeptides. Translation products were identified using crossed immunoelectrophoresis and antisera against whole rat plasma and/or specific plasma proteins, followed by autoradiography. It was found that postnatal cerebellar mRNA directs the synthesis of low density lipoprotein (LDL), fibrinogen, transferrin, α1-macroglobulin, α2-macroglobulin and probably also α-fetoprotein, albumin and α1-lipoprotein. mRNAs for several other yet undefined plasma proteins were also detected. In general, the synthesis of plasma pr..

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