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CSF-brain permeability in the immature sheep fetus: a CSF-brain barrier.

G Fossan, ME Cavanagh, CA Evans, DH Malinowska, K Møllgård, ML Reynolds, NR Saunders

Brain Res | Published : 1985


The permeability of the neuroependyma between CSF and brain extracellular space has been studied in fetal sheep of 60 and 125 days gestation. Both radioactive ([3H]inulin, [14C]sucrose, [125I]albumin) and visible (horseradish peroxidase) markers have been perfused through the ventricular system for periods of up to 5 h in anaesthetized exteriorized fetal sheep whose physiological condition was monitored continuously. A previously undescribed barrier between CSF and brain extracellular fluid has been discovered in the immature (60-day) fetal sheep. Horseradish peroxidase penetration was confined to a limited depth of the neuroependyma and was mainly into the cells lining the cerebral ventricl..

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