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Rapid effect of nerve injury upon axonal transport of phospholipids.

KM Dziegielewska, CA Evans, NR Saunders

The Journal of Physiology | Published : 1980


1. Axonal transport of phospholipids labelled by lumbosacral spinal cord injection of [3H]choline has been studied in normal and injured sciatic nerves of the rat. 2. The appearance of labelled material in progressively increasing amounts in the sciatic nerve following spinal cord injection was consistent with a maximum velocity of axonal transport of about 20 mm/hr. There was also evidence of substantial amounts of labelled phospholipids being transported at much slower velocities. 3. In sciatic nerves injured by crushing there was an accumulation of labelled phospholipid immediately proximal to the crush. The accumulation was progressive with time. There was also an increase of labelled ph..

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