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Anti-Thy-1 plus complement-treated, cultured bone marrow cells resemble fetal thymocytes in killer cell function and marker expression.

JL Hurwitz, EC McAndrew, PC Doherty

The Journal of Immunology | Published : 1986


Anti-Thy-1.2 plus complement treated bone marrow cells were tested after short-term culture for their ability to lyse allogeneic target cells. Significant lytic activity was generated after 9 days, and required both CAS and splenic or PEC feeders as culture supplements. Allogeneic as well as syngeneic-specific cytotoxic cells were generated polyclonally under such conditions, and could be separated by using limiting dilution protocols. When 65 clones were tested for lytic activity toward three targets bearing H-2k, H-2d, and H-2b haplotypes, respectively, only two clones lysed all three targets; 53 clones showed specificity toward one target only. Targets low in class I H-2 expression were l..

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