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Association between alphabetaTCR CD4-CD8- T-cell deficiency and IDDM in NOD/Lt mice.

AG Baxter, SJ Kinder, KJ Hammond, R Scollay, DI Godfrey

Diabetes | Published : 1997


NOD mice develop spontaneous IDDM as a result of T-cell-mediated autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta-cells. It is not known why these T-cells become autoreactive, nor is it clear whether the breakdown in self-tolerance reflects a general problem in T-cell development or a selective defect in an as yet undefined regulatory cell population. In this study, we showed that NOD mice, although relatively normal with regard to most thymocyte subsets, exhibit a marked deficiency in alphabetaTCR+CD4-CD8- (alphabeta+DN) T-cells in the thymus and, to a lesser extent, in the periphery. These T-cells have been termed NKT cells (NK1.1+-like T-cells) because they share some cell surface markers with c..

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