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Metalloprotease SPRTN/DVC1 Orchestrates Replication-Coupled DNA-Protein Crosslink Repair

Bruno Vaz, Marta Popovic, Joseph A Newman, John Fielden, Hazel Aitkenhead, Swagata Halder, Abhay Narayan Singh, Iolanda Vendrell, Roman Fischer, Ignacio Torrecilla, Neele Drobnitzky, Raimundo Freire, David J Amor, Paul J Lockhart, Benedikt M Kessler, Gillies W McKenna, Opher Gileadi, Kristijan Ramadan

Molecular Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2016


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Awarded by Innovative Medicines Initiative (EU/EFPIA) (ULTRA-DD)

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Medical Research Council programme grant (MC_PC_12001/1) to K.R., the Goodger Scholarship of the University of Oxford to S.H., the John Fell Fund 133/075 and the Wellcome Trust grant 097813/Z/11/Z to B.M.K, the Kennedy Trust Fund to R.F. and B.M.K, and the NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (GNT1032364) to P.L. This work was also supported by Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support and Australian Government NHMRC IRIISS. O.G., J.A.N., and H.A. are funded by the SGC, a registered charity (number 1097737) that receives funds from AbbVie, Bayer Pharma AG, Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Eshelman Institute for Innovation, Genome Canada, Innovative Medicines Initiative (EU/EFPIA) (ULTRA-DD grant no. 115766), Janssen, Merck & Co., Novartis Pharma AG, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, Pfizer, Sao Paulo Research Foundation-FAPESP, Takeda, and the Wellcome Trust (106169/ZZ14/Z).