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Effect of feeding tuna oil or soyabean oil as supplements to sows in late pregnancy on piglet tissue composition and viability

JA Rooke, IM Bland, SA Edwards

British Journal of Nutrition | C A B INTERNATIONAL | Published : 1998


To investigate whether long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids could cross the porcine placenta in late pregnancy and alter neonatal piglet tissue composition, multiparous sows (seven per diet) were fed on diets containing a supplement (30 g/kg) of either soyabean oil or tuna oil for the last 21 d of pregnancy and the first 7 d of lactation. The proportions of all fatty acids, except 18:1n-7, differed between diets: in particular, the tuna-oil-containing diet supplied more 22:6n-3 and less 18:2n-6 fatty acids than the soyabean-oil-containing diet. The proportions of n-3 fatty acids, particularly 22:6n-3 (g/100 g total fatty acids) in sow plasma, colostrum and milk were increased and the p..

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