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A Role for Eosinophils in the Intestinal Immunity against Infective Ascaris suum Larvae

Dries Masure, Johnny Vlaminck, Tao Wang, Koen Chiers, Wim Van den Broeck, Jozef Vercruysse, Peter Geldhof

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2013


The aim of this study was to explore the mechanisms of resistance against invading Ascaris suum larvae in pigs. Pigs received a low dose of 100 A. suum eggs daily for 14 weeks. This resulted in a >99% reduction in the number of larvae that could migrate through the host after a challenge infection of 5000 A. suum eggs, compared to naïve pigs. Histological analysis at the site of parasite entry, i.e. the caecum, identified eosinophilia, mastocytosis and goblet cell hyperplasia. Increased local transcription levels of genes for IL5, IL13, eosinophil peroxidase and eotaxin further supported the observed eosinophil influx. Further analysis showed that eosinophils degranulated in vitro in respons..

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