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Infectivity of wild-type and deleted proviral SIV DNA.

DF Purcell, PU Cameron, J Mills, S Kent

Dev Biol (Basel) | Published : 2001


Live attenuated lentiviruses are potentially effective candidate HIV vaccines; however, delivery of these viruses in the field would be problematic. Delivery of attenuated lentiviruses as proviral DNA would be a simple means of immunization, but the efficiency of this method of delivery is not known. In this study, macaques were readily infected following inoculation of plasmid DNA encoding proviral simian immunodeficiency virus (SIVmac239), whether given i.m. (300 microg) or epidermally (15 microg), with all four animals succumbing to AIDS at a mean of 26 weeks following inoculation. Using a human skin explant model, we found that the 50% infectious dose (ID50) of proviral SIV or HIV-1 plas..

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