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Surface antigens on normal and leukaemic human cells detected by monoclonal antibodies.

G Morstyn, D Metcalf, A Burgess, JW Fabre

Scand J Haematol | Published : 1981


Surface antigens were analyzed on normal human marrow and chronic myeloid leukaemic cells using 4 monoclonal mouse anti-human antibodies. The fluorescence-activated cell sorter was used to quantify the binding of each antibody to different subpopulations of cells, and sorted fractions were cultured in agar-medium to assay for granulocyte-macrophage and eosinophil precursors. All cells in the granulocyte series including colony-forming cells bound a similar quantity of an antibody to the human leucocyte common antigen. This antibody did not bind to cells in the erythroid series. A monoclonal antibody to antigen present on brain, lymphocytes and granulocytes (and almost certainly homologous to..

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